FCS training


Our training services are designed to help you meet your business goals and to improve human, equipment, and organizational performance.


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FCS customized training is specifically developed to meet your plant or facilities needs. The scope of training may be as wide as entire plant operation, or narrowed to only a specific system or topic. These courses may be customized for your plant from our off-the-shelf courses, or they may be built from the ground up to support any existing, new, or repowered power plant. Our customized training is designed based on a plant-specific training assessment and a detailed training plan. FCS can design, develop and implement an entire training program, or any part of a training program to help support client training staff.


FCS short courses are two- to five-day, "off-the-shelf" courses that cover a specific, relatively narrow scope, such as steam turbine-generator operations, or plant thermal performance. Our short courses are designed to train your staff on information that is important for safe, reliable, and efficient operations and maintenance of power plant equipment, systems and processes. FCS off-the-shelf short courses can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

What Our Customers Say ...

Best training I've had in 20 years of plant operations

-- PPO, midwest plant

Best training I have ever attended. In the future, I hope to attend all of the classes
that FCS presents.

-- Shift Supervisor, east coast plant

I liked how the instructor would talk about a system and then we walked out to view it,
which really help me understand better.

-- Field Operator, midwest plant