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Simulator Consulting Services

Training simulators have gained wide acceptance as an effective way to improve power plant availability and performance. Simulators allow operator trainees to gain practical experience in the shortest possible time. They can also be used to meet other objectives including training other personnel as part of a multi-skilling effort, validating plant procedures, and in evaluating control system and plant design modifications.

Often times, purchased simulators do not met these objectives because they were not properly specified, did not undergo detailed enough validation during the design and testing phase, and/or did not have adequately designed training programs.  FCS has extensive experience developing simulator specifications, and conducting design reviews, model validation, and acceptance testing to ensure the simulator meets the utility's requirements.

The best engineered simulators have limited value unless they are implemented in a well-planned, comprehensive training program designed to meet the specific objectives of the plant and personnel expected to be trained.  FCS has extensive experience designing and developing simulator training programs for control room operators and other plant staff.


FCS provides support to utility and other power generation clients involved in procuring a power plant simulator, including:

  • Simulator Feasibility Study: Justifies simulator and associated investment
  • Specification Development: Identifies training requirements
  • Vendor (Bidder) Evaluation: Includes objective evaluation approach designed to quantify each Bidder's response to the bid specification
  • Simulator Design Review: Ensures simulator project remains on track and meets objectives
  • Acceptance Testing Assistance: Validates that simulator meets specification requirement
    • Procedure Development
    • Testing Personnel
  • Simulator Training Facility Design: Ensures most effective facility for conducting training