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Plant staff require accurate, up-to-date operations and maintenance documentation to carry out their day-to-day job functions. Often, this documentation is also used for initial staff training. For most plants, much of this documentation was supplied when the plant was new; however, many plants have failed to update this documentation to reflect plant changes and additions. Therefore, original documentation is often incomplete and inadequate to meet the training and plant reference requirements of the current plant staff.

FCS specializes in updating and developing plant-specific documentation. We deliver updated training in an organized and consistent format, allowing it to be used effectively in training and for day-to-day plant reference. FCS can also offer this documentation using an electronic performance (documentation) support system, on your computer network or stand-alone system, including enhancements such as hypertext links between text and graphics. A computerized performance support system ensures the information is easy to use, readily accessible, and easily updatable.


FCS offers the following services in the area of plant documentation:

Plant Drawings

FCS has experienced power plant engineers who can field validate P&IDs, electrical one-line drawings, and analog and digital control logic drawings.  Once validated, these drawings can be produced on a CAD system. A significant advantage to CAD drawings is that they are easily revised; this allows plant drawings to be easily updated when needed.

Plant Data Book Upgrades

FCS can update existing system design data and descriptions through field walkdowns, incorporation of updated engineering and vendor information, and by contacting vendors directly for needed information.

System Descriptions

FCScan update or develop plant system descriptions for plant personnel to use in learning the plant through formal or self-study training, and serve as a plant "encyclopedia" or reference source for all personnel.  FCSprovides detailed controls descriptions, color flow diagrams, and complete training descriptions of the equipment.  The training effectiveness of the system descriptions is enhanced with equipment photographs, component graphics, and integration of plant fundamentals (as appropriate).

Operating Procedures

Operating procedures can be developed that incorporate manufacturers' recommendations, plant management operating plans, and approved industry practices.  These procedures can be used for training plant personnel and  for use in plant operations.

FCS operating procedures are concise and cover both normal and abnormal operations, including procedures for responding to major plant alarms.

Time saving operations check-lists, such as power supply and valve lists, can be incorporated that detail both the equipment to be checked, its location, and position for startup. FCS can also provide administrative guidelines for keeping these procedures accurate and up-to-date.

An on-the-job training package can also be provided using the system descriptions and operating procedures to guide the operators in training.

Tag-Out and Lock-Out Procedures

OSHA 29CFR1910.269 requires that power generation plants have in place procedures for isolating plant equipment that could cause a hazard if energy were unexpectedly released. These procedures are in compliance with the OSHA requirements, safe and complete.

Maintenance Procedures

Maintenance procedures can be developed for critical equipment requiring specialized knowledge and training. FCS-developed maintenance procedures are designed for use in training the personnel who perform maintenance, plan the work, and who do the work. In addition, these procedures provide complete and consistent documentation of the critical maintenance done in the plant. Maintenance procedures can also be used as a specification when work, contracted out, is performed by roving maintenance crews, as well as to help train all plant personnel in work that is performed infrequently.  These procedures can also be provided in an electronic database format for easy access to the information.