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As the fossil-fired power plant fleet in the U.S. gets older, issues of plant and equipment reliability and availability assume greater importance in their operational efficiency and profitability. Also, due to a highly competitive market where equipment manufacturers and engineering companies are aggressively pursuing market share, the cost of building new power plants is being relentlessly driven downward at the cost of equipment redundancy and robustness.  Further, competitive pressures and the on-going deregulation in the electric utility industry are forcing utilities to outsource services such as plant engineering, equipment and system debottlenecking and optimization, and maintenance program development to improve plant reliability, availability, and efficiency.

As a result of these pressures, plant operators and management are finding out that they cannot always depend on the architect engineering companies or their in-house engineering departments to provide the services they expect.  At the same time, owners and investors of power plants are demanding higher revenues and profitability.

Newer plants are also likely to have certain systems or equipment that are potential constraints to increasing plant reliability and capacity. Simple, cost-effective modifications may result in significant improvements in reliability, availability, and capacity if properly analyzed and designed.


To meet the needs of new and operating fossil power plants in the areas of plant engineering and maintenance services, FCS provides a variety of services that are designed to satisfy the needs of our clients whether they operate conventional coal, oil, or gas-fired steam power plants or state-of-the-art combined cycle/cogeneration plants. FCS has successfully completed projects for design and evaluation of system upgrades, conceptual design and specification development for new power plants, and in assessing the condition of existing plant equipment and systems in order to justify capital expenditure for improving plant reliability and availability.

FCS provides the following services in support of new and existing fossil power plants:

Plant Engineering Services

  • Plant system process design and analysis
  • Conceptual design and equipment specification
  • Equipment evaluation, review, and troubleshooting
  • Detailed engineering of piping systems and equipment
  • Instruments and Controls specifications
  • Design reviews and analysis
  • Root cause failure analysis for equipment and controls

Maintenance Services

  • Maintenance audits and assessments
  • Predictive maintenance/condition monitoring program development
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance procedures
  • Spare parts review, recommendation, and optimization
  • Maintenance Management System (MMS) implementation
  • Equipment tagging and database development
  • Maintenance training program development and implementation
  • Material selection and corrosion control program development
  • Computer aided design/drafting services
FCS can also help set up programs for managing plant configuration changes and documentation updating. We are totally committed to ensuring your success by providing cost-effective and innovative customized solutions to your needs.