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FCS' professional staff includes qualified engineers and CAD draftsmen who have extensive experience developing detailed engineering packages for plant upgrades and modifications using appropriate tools for the job. Our experience includes reference plant design, fluid system design, equipment sizing and mechanical design, pipe flexibility analysis, and AutoCAD drawings for layout and fabrication of piping. Short descriptions of recent representative projects are given below:

Reference Power Plant Design

FCS has recently completed a number of reference plant design support tasks for a large Original Equipment Manufacturer's (OEM) combined cycle power plants. These reference plants are power plants of standardized configuration based on combinations of single or multiple combustion turbines of different output, Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG's), and steam turbines. FCS responsibilities included the sizing and selection of all major balance-of-plant components for the power plants, developing flow diagrams for those systems, and developing specifications and cost estimates for procuring the major equipment for those systems. Components and systems designed included:

  • Circulating water systems with and without cooling towers: Designed condensers and cooling towers for several plants ranging in size from 350 MW to over 800 MW, including optimizing the sizing of these two components from the performance and cost perspectives.

  • Sized and selected various pumps including circulating water, boiler feed water, closed cooling water, and fuel oil pumps.

  • Sized and selected Air compressors for instrument and plant air.

  • Sized and selected Black start diesel generators.

  • Design of standardized drains for high energy piping on HRSG's.

Seal Oil Pump Installation

FCS provided total engineering design services for installation of Air Side (2) and Hydrogen Side (1) Seal Oil Pumps for a large steam turbine generator at a utility power plant. These services included detailed piping and equipment drawings, foundation pad design, pipe supports, and electrical specifications for pump motor controllers and disconnects.

FCS is also designing a steam turbine venting system at the same plant that will allow steam to be vented from the turbine in the event of a trip. This will minimize potential turbine blade overheating when a turbine trip occurs.  The scope involves sizing and selecting the proper valves for the intended service, developing detailed piping layout and fabrication drawings, and performing pipe flexibility analysis to ensure adequate flexibility during operation of the system. The scope also includes selecting and specifying the necessary pipe supports and hangers for the system.

Steam Flow Measurement and Pressure Reducing Station Design

FCS designed approximately 100 steam pressure reducing and flow measuring stations for a large, existing steam distribution system located in the Washington, DC area. The scope of work spread over a two year period included sizing flow meters, pressure reducing valves, safety valves, piping, condensate traps, and condensate return units. We also developed fabrication drawings and detailed bills of materials for each of the steam and condensate stations located in separate buildings.