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The FCS approach to successful completion of our clients' projects requires an intimate knowledge of the system design basis, controls, and operating sequences. As a result, our teams are ideally qualified to identify potential deficiencies in system process and mechanical design, controls, and operating philosophy. FCS has special expertise in steam and gas turbine-generators, both in operations and maintenance. We  also provide services to optimize plant capacity, reliability, and thermal performance based upon a cost-effective approach that maximizes return on investment. Our engineering services include the following:

Conceptual Design

  • Conceptual design of balance-of-plant systems
  • Establishing design basis for components and systems
  • The conceptual design serves as the basis for detailed design and procurement of system components
  • FCS experience can assure that the design is practical and effective with adequate redundancy to assure reliability

Preliminary Engineering & Cost Estimates

  • Perform proposal level engineering, complete cost estimates and bid packages 
  • Accurate estimates of cost are an essential element of any successful engineering project 
  • Bid packages that are specific and complete in scope are necessary to assure that the bids that are received are comparable and the correct equipment is ultimately supplied 
  • FCS' experience in plant equipment helps assure clients that when the equipment arrives on site, it will be satisfactory for the intended service


  • Equipment and system analysis in case of deficient performance 
  • Troubleshooting may involve on-site visits, review of operational records, and collection and analysis of in-service performance data 

Pipe Design & Engineering

  • Design of Steam and Auxiliary Systems (fuel oil, natural gas, cooling water, compressed air, etc.) piping
  • Piping layout , plans, elevations, and isometric drawings
  • Bill of Materials development
  • Steam metering and pressure reducing station design

Steam Drain Piping Design

  • HRSG drains piping layout, plans, elevations, and isometrics
  • Steam drain piping stress analysis
  • Selection, design, and specification of pipe supports, hangers, and racks
  • Selection and specification of control valves